Nyex Knowledgebase


1. Introduction 2. Overview 3. Commands 3.1 Encounter 3.2 Capture 3.3 Fight 3.4 Inventory 3.5 Captures 3.6 Quest 3.7 Deliver 3.8 Stats 3.9 Use 3.10 Area 3.11 Move 3.12 Check 3.13 Showencounter 3.14 Shop 3.15 Buy 3.16 Sell 3.17 Trade 3.18 Materials 3.19 Class 3.20 Daily 3.21 Dodaily 3.22 Radar 3.23 Fullradar 3.24 Completion 3.25 Treasure 3.26 Equip 3.27 Compare 3.28 Recipes 3.29 Craft 3.30 Research 3.31 Release 3.32 Monster 3.33 Worldboss 3.34 Trophies 3.35 Transform 3.36 Help 3.37 Guess 3.38 Errorlog 3.39 Reload 3.40 Set 3.41 Submit 3.42 Night 3.43 Todo 4. Stats 4.1 Attack & Defense 4.2 Speed & Weight 4.3 Capture Efficiency 4.4 Monster Luck 4.5 Item Luck 4.6 Greater Item Luck 4.7 Rank 4.8 Type Bonus 5. Monsters 5.1 Shinies 6. Items 6.1 Special Items 7. Currencies 8. Realms 9. Equipment Abilities 10. Buttons etc.

1. Introduction

Welcome to the RPG knowledgebase. This page contains everything you need to know about my Discord minigame. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress and might not be fully up to date. You can click on any of the headlines to open the navigation menu for quickly jumping between topics!

The game is developed solely by myself and running through the Discord bot user NyexBot#4887 which is hosted on the same server as this website. The monster images originate from various sources but are mostly DnD-related.

2. Overview

The game is based around three central commands: Encounter, capture and fight. You encounter random monsters and can then try to capture them to add them to your collection or fight them in hopes of getting experience, money and item drops.
After creating a fresh account you will only be able to reliably encounter, capture and defeat low-ranking monsters. In order to reach higher ranks and effectively get access to all of the game's content you must complete quests. Of course items can also help. Your goal in the game could be to complete all of the quests or to collect monsters (perhaps even shinies).

3. Commands

Commands are the main way for users to interact with the game. Every command starts with a prefix, usually a single non-alphanumeric character. The default prefix is the comma but it can be changed on a per-server basis. After the prefix comes the name or an alias of the command. Additional arguments may also be included after the command name. The command name and the arguments are separated by a space. The same goes for individual arguments although they are also sometimes separated by a comma. Arguments allow the player to interact with items or monsters of their choice among other things.
Here is an example of a command:
,release 3 red slime
"," is the prefix, "release" is the command name, "3" is the first argument and "red slime" is the second argument (Since this command only has a maximum of two arguments, the monster's name is only seen as one argument even though it contains a space).
Below is a list of all commands the game has to offer. Commands that are related to the one being described will be bold and purple.

In addition to the restrictions listed, most commands require you to have used the command "encounter" once before. Every command also has a user-based cooldown of 1 second (2.5 seconds for encounter, fight and capture and 60 seconds for submit)!
Please understand that this is a necessity to avoid the bot being rate-limited!

3.1 Encounter

Usage and Functions:
encounter (Starts an encounter. Also creates a new account if necessary)


- Picks one of six rarity groups and then selects a random monster from that group. Monster pools vary depending on area
- If an encountered monster is already in your collection then the message will feature a bag icon
- The name of an encounterd monster will be shown in a different color depending on their rank (only works on desktop)
- Encountered monsters have a small chance of being shiny
- Starting a new encounter will always overwrite your current one
- A buff will apply to an encounter even if it was activated after the encounter started
- A higher Monster Luck stat makes high-ranking monsters more likely to appear and also slightly increases the shiny chance
- The radar can also increase your chance of encountering shinies
- The commands fight and capture can be used to interact with and end an encounter
- check can be used to view an encountered monster's details

3.2 Capture

Usage and Functions:
capture (Attempts to capture the currently encountered monster)

Needs an active encounter

- Stronger monsters are harder to capture
- Higher Capture Efficiency will make this action more likely to succeed
- The capturing chance is normally between 1% and 85%
- If your stats are balanced then capturing is less likely than winning a fight
- The command captures can be used to view all monsters you've ever captured
- The more unique monsters you've captured, the more the effectiveness of the radar will increase
- You can check how many monsters you're missing with completion

3.3 Fight

Usage and Functions:
fight (Fights the currently encountered monster)

Needs an active encounter

- Stronger monsters are harder to defeat
- Higher Attack, Speed and Type Bonuses will make this action more likely to succeed
- If either of your Attack or Speed stat is more than 50% higher than the other then your fighting results will vary slightly based on the opponent's stat balance
- The winning chance is normally between 3% and 90%
- Winning a fight grants you EXP, Gold and also has a chance of rewarding you with an item
- Item drops can be affected by the Item Luck and Greater Item Luck stats

3.4 Inventory

Usage and Functions:
inventory (Shows your whole inventory)
inventory [Item name / "weapon" / "defense" / "tool"] (Displays data about a specified item in your possession)
inventory random (Displays data about a random item in your possession)
inventory user [User ID / username / "random"] (Displays another user's inventory)

Only items that you currently have can be viewed

- Displays your consumables, equipment, amount of gold, treasure item and stasis space
- Equipment is displayed in this order: Weapon, Defensive Equipment, Divine Tool
- Consumables are sorted alphabetically and have colored icons that indicate their approximate rank or type
- Can display an item's type, description, use duration and any effects that it can apply to your stats
- You can use consumables from your inventory to gain a temporary buff
- You can also deliver specific items to complete a given quest

3.5 Captures

Usage and Functions:
captures (Shows all monsters you've ever captured)
captures [Monster name / "random"] (Displays data about a specified or random previously captured monster)
captures favorite [Monster name / "random"] (Selects a monster as your favorite, using its image as a thumbnail for some of your commands)
captures user [User ID / username / "random"] (Displays another user's monster list)

Only monsters that you have caught before can be viewed

- The monsters are generally sorted alphabetically with the exception of shinies which are listed before others
- Monsters you no longer have any of will always be at the very bottom
- The colored icons in front of their names indicate rank
- You can release monsters from your collection to gain temporary buffs
- You can deliver specific monsters to complete a given quest or the daily
- Viewing a monster's data shows the same info as check plus item drop chances and which areas the monster can be found in
- A favorited monster's image can be seen in the commands stats, inventory, trophies and captures itself

3.6 Quest

Usage and Functions:
quest (Shows you your current quest and some additional info)

Does not show you anything if you've already completed every quest

- Quests ask you to deliver specific items or monsters
- Completing quests can reward you with items, rank upgrades and stat points
- Every quest is unique and predetermined
- The quests will slowly introduce you to the basic commands and other knowledge also available here
- You can check how many quests you have yet to complete with completion
- The radar becomes more effective the more quests you've completed
- There are also randomly generated daily quests

3.7 Deliver

Usage and Functions:
deliver (Attempts to complete your current main quest by removing the required item or monster from you)

The necessary item or monster needs to be in your possession

- Successfully delivering something will unlock the next quest and grant you a reward
- Other relevant information can be found in the details of quest

3.8 Stats

Usage and Functions:
stats (Displays your stats)
stats [Number] [Stat name] (Assigns stat points to one of your stats)
stats user [User ID / username / "random"] (Displays another user's stats)
stats mode (Switches to funny mode and reshuffles the monsters or switches back to normal)

You can only assign as many stat points as you currently possess. Stat points can be assigned to Attack, Speed, Capture Efficiency, Monster Luck, Item Luck and Greater Item Luck

- Shows the following information: Attack / Defense, Speed, Capture Efficiency, Monster Luck, Item Luck, Greater Item Luck, Type Bonus, rank, class, level, EXP required to level up, current buff and current area
- You can temporarily alter your stats with release and use
- Temporary changes to your stats are shown in (parentheses) behind the corresponding stat
- Higher stats are better in most situations
- You can find information about the individual stats further down
- Stat points can be obtained by completing quests (see deliver)
- Your stats are also affected by your current equipment
- In funny mode all monster names are randomly generated from pieces of other names. Images are also randomly assigned. These changes are purely cosmetic

3.9 Use

Usage and Functions:
use [Item name] (Uses an item from your inventory)
use [Number] [Item name] (Uses multiple vortexes, buffing or charge items of the same type from your inventory)

The given item name needs to match one of your useable items
A maximum of 15 unstable vortexes can be used at once

- Only consumable items can be used
- Items normally disappear after one use
- Items can apply buffs but also debuffs to most of your stats
- They can also add charges to your radar
- Item buffs last for a specific amount of encounters
- Using an item replaces your current buff if you already had one active (also includes release buffs and the radar)
- You can view your list of items or an item's effects with inventory
- Treasure items are always used before other consumables
- Using multiple buff items at once will only result in a longer buff duration
- If the used item matches your current buff then the buff's duration will be increased

3.10 Area

Usage and Functions:
area (Displays a list of all regular areas)
area [Area name] (Displays a list of monsters available in the area)
area check [Area name] (Displays a list of monsters the user has yet to capture, available in the specified area)
(The [Area name] argument can be replaced with the word "realm" to inspect the realm you are currently in)

Does not show special areas normally

- You can move between the available areas
- The area you are in affects which monsters you can encounter
- Monsters are sorted by rank and internal ID. The icon in front of the name indicates the rank
- Realms technically function as areas but only the one you are currently in can be inspected

3.11 Move

Usage and Functions:
move (Moves you to a random area)
move [Area name] (Moves you to the desired area)

Cannot be used to reach special areas

- See area for related information

3.12 Check

Usage and Functions:
check (Displays information about your currently encountered monster)

Needs an active encounter

- Shows the monster's Attack, Speed, type (see Type Bonus), release buff, rank, possible drops as well as an image and a description. The amount of duplicates in your possession is also included
- Shows the same information that captures can

3.13 Showencounter

Usage and Functions:
showencounter (Displays your active encounter again)

Needs an active encounter

- Only really useful if you never finished your most recent encounter and forgot what it was
- Alternatively you can also simply use check

3.14 Shop

Usage and Functions:
shop (Displays the current shop)
shop shiny (Displays the shiny shop)


- You can buy and sell items at the shop
- The shop always sells Dimensional Fragments, Reality Shifters, Stasis Cubes and Mindwipe Tonics
- It also sells 5 other random items
- Items on sale have icons in front of them indicating their rank or type
- It resets every week, getting new offers and price modifiers
- Also displays the weekly event realm
- The shiny shop always has exactly one shiny monster for sale

3.15 Buy

Usage and Functions:
buy [Number] [Item name] (Attempts to buy something from the shop. If no number is given, it defaults to one)
buy shinymon (Attempts to buy the shiny monster from the shiny shop)

Item needs to be on sale and the required amount of Gold needs to be owned

- The currently available item offers and prices can be viewed with shop
- You can buy an item as often as you want
- You can also sell items to the shop
- The shiny from the shiny shop can only be bought by one person before being replaced by a new monster
- Shiny shop purchases are half-off for players who have captured every monster

3.16 Sell

Usage and Functions:
sell [Number] [Item name] (Sells a specified amount of an item. If no number is given, it will default to one)
sell treasure (Sells your currently held treasure item)

The items need to be in your possession. Also cannot sell materials or equipment

- Items generally sell for less Gold than their purchasing price (the one seen with inventory)
- Treasure items sell for a lot less than what they would normally be worth
- You can view the current selling price modifier with shop
- You can also buy items at the shop

3.17 Trade

Usage and Functions:
trade [ID or username] [Offer] (Sends a trade offer to another user or sends a counteroffer to an existing offer)
The [Offer] argument can be a list of multiple monsters, items and currencies in this format: [Amount] [Item, monster or currency name] + ...
trade confirm (Confirms the current trade, finishing it)
trade cancel (Cancels the current trade)

The user needs to be at least level 10
A trade can only be confirmed by the user who was the last to receive a counteroffer
A maximum of 15 different things can be included in a single offer
Equipment and treasure items cannot be traded
When offering materials, their rank can't be higher than the receiving user's rank

- Accepted currencies are Gold and Scrap
- If a trade offer is sent to a user who isn't in the same server then they will receive a DM from the bot
- Every user can only have one active trade at a time. When you send a new offer your previous offer will be replaced

3.18 Materials

Usage and Functions:
materials (Shows a list of all your materials and your Scrap amount)
materials [Material name] (Shows a material's Scrap value, description and amount held)
materials convert [Number] [Material name] (Converts a specified amount of a chosen material into Scrap. Defaults to one if no number is given)
materials convert all (Converts all your unfavorited materials into Scrap. This requires confirmation in the form of using the same command again)
materials favorite [Material name] (Adds or removes a material from your favorites list)

Materials need to be owned to be converted, favorited or inspected

- The list is sorted alphabetically
- In the list view every material has an icon in front of it indicating its rank. This icon is replaced by a star for favorites
- Materials can often be used to craft other items

3.19 Class

Usage and Functions:
class (Shows a list of available classes with vague descriptions)
class [Class name] (Permanently chooses a class)

The user needs to be at least level 10

- Each class gives you a different benefit upon being chosen
- Further benefits are unlocked at levels 30 and 50
- fight, research and daily quests can be used to increase your level
- It is impossible to change your class after choosing one

3.20 Daily

Usage and Functions:
daily (Shows the daily quest for your current rank)

The quest can only be viewed by users who have yet to complete it

- The daily quest asks you to deliver one random monster (see dodaily)
- Completing it will reward you with either EXP and Gold or an Unstable Vortex (see the Special Items section)
- The quest command can be used to view your current main quest
- Users with different ranks will receive different daily quests with requirements and rewards befitting their rank
- Your rank can be increased by completing the main quests

3.21 Dodaily

Usage and Functions:
dodaily (Attemtps to complete your current daily quest)

Can only be used once per day per rank. The required monster must be in your collection

- You can view what you have to deliver by using daily
- Completing the quest will reward you with EXP and Gold
- See relevant information in daily

3.22 Radar

Usage and Functions:
radar (Activates or deactivates the radar. Also claims your daily charges if eligible)

Need to be at least level 5 and the radar can only be activated if there are charges available

- The radar acts as a buff, just like those obtained from use and release
- Increases the chance of shiny monsters appearing based on your completion
- You get 40 free charges every day. Each charge lasts for one encounter
- The daily charges will only be claimed if you have no charges in your radar upon activating it. This means that you can't stockpile charges
- Some consumable items can be used to gain additional charges
- Overwriting your active radar buff with a different buff won't make you lose any of your charges
- If you increase your completion levels while the radar is active then it won't gain the additional boost until it is restarted
- You can use fullradar to channel all of your charges into a single encounter

3.23 Fullradar

Usage and Functions:
fullradar (Channels all your radar charges into one encounter in exchange for Gold. Also claims your daily charges if eligible)

Need to be at least level 15 and needs radar charges as well as enough Gold (2.5 per charge)

- Has the same effect as using up the radar charges normally in addition to a slightly higher shiny chance for each charge
- You are however giving up your chance of getting more than one shiny out of your charges by using it
- Shows you the mathematical chance of having encountered a shiny after use

3.24 Completion

Usage and Functions:
completion (Displays your current completion percentages and resulting radar efficiency)


- There are three completion statistics: Completed quests, captured unique monsters and captured unique shiny monsters
- Having completed more quests and captured more unique monsters will increase the effectiveness of the radar as well as fullradar
- Reaching 100% monster completion will allow you to buy shiny monsters for half the price

3.25 Treasure

Usage and Functions:
treasure (Gives you a new treasure item)

Can only be used once every three hours

- Treasure items are always consumable items and can thus be activated with use
- Only one treasure item can be carried in the inventory - A new treasure item will always replace your current one
- use always prioritizes treasure items over regular inventory items
- The pool of obtainable treasure items is predetermined and stronger items have lower chances of appearing
- Treasure items cannot be used by the commands craft and deliver
- They sell for a substantially lower price compared to items obtained normally

3.26 Equip

Usage and Functions:
equip (Equips a discovered item, replacing your current equipment of the same type)
equip convert (Converts a discovered item into Scrap)

Need to have found an equippable item

- Equippable items alter your base stats
- Only the most recently disovered equipment item can be equipped or converted
- Equipments of higher rank give more Scrap upon conversion
- While duplicate items can be equipped, it will have no effect
- Your current equipment can be viewed with inventory
- There are three types of equipment: Weapon, Defensive Item and Divine Tool
- Weapons and Defensive Items mainly alter your Attack and Speed while Divine Tools generally affect your Capture Efficiency
- Equipping an item that grants a Type Bonus will replace your current Type Bonus if you have one
- Unequipping an item that has a Type Bonus will make the stat return to a value from your other equipment if possible
- Equipped items can sometimes be upgraded with craft (see recipes)

3.27 Compare

Usage and Functions:
compare (Compares your equipment to the most recently discovered equipment item of the same type)

Need to have found an equippable item

- Displays the stat changes that would take place upon equipping the new item with equip
- Negative changes are shown in red and positive changes are shown in green

3.28 Recipes

Usage and Functions:
recipes (Posts a link to the full list of recipes)
recipes craftable (Displays a list of items you are currently able to craft)
recipes [Item name] (Displays a list of items that can be crafted with the given item. Also lists the item itself if it can be crafted)


- Items can be crafted with craft
- The locally posted lists feature icons for each item indicating its rank or type
- The browser list has information about required ingredients, item types and approximate ranks
- The browser list can be sorted by clicking on the headers and filtered by typing into the search field

3.29 Craft

Usage and Functions:
craft [Item name] (Checks the crafting recipe and details of an item and whether you are able to create it)
craft confirm (Confirms the crafting process. This needs to be used after the above variant of the command)

The necessary ingredients must be in your possession to craft an item

- You can use recipes to find things you might want to craft
- Many crafting recipes require materials
- After crafting an equipment item you may use the commands compare and equip as you see fit
- Equipment drops will overwrite your most recently crafted equipment if you have not equipped it yet!

3.30 Research

Usage and Functions:
research (Displays your available research projects and their information or displays your active project or claims a completed project's rewards)
research A/B/C (Starts one of the selected projects)

Need to be at least level 20 and you need the required amount of Scrap to start a project

- There are five types of research with different rewards: Gold, EXP, buff, radar and Vortex
- The first four types can appear in different sizes. The Scrap cost and the duration of a project depend on its size or its type if it has no size
- The only way to obtain a new selection of projects is to pick one of your current choices and finish it
- Scrap can be obtained by converting materials or by winning a round of guess

3.31 Release

Usage and Functions:
release [Number] [Monster name] (Attempts to release a specified amount of monsters of the same species to get a buff in return)

The chosen monster needs to be in your possession. Can only release a maximum of five monsters at once

- The type of buff you get depends on the monster's species (can be checked using check or captures)
- Releasing more monsters at once will cause the buff to be stronger and last longer (in other words: It stacks)
- Monsters of higher ranks give greater buffs
- Getting a release buff will replace your currently active buff (includes item use buffs and the radar)

3.32 Monster

Usage and Functions:
monster (Captures a random monster. Also creates a new account if necessary)

Can only be used once every three hours

- This is the only other command besides encounter which can be used to create a user account
- The command uses the same logic as encounter so your area, stats, buffs and more can affect what monster you will get
- If you use this command while in a realm then you will take 10 damage

3.33 Worldboss

Usage and Functions:
worldboss (Deals damage to the current world boss, marking you as a participant and granting you 20 Gold)

Can only be used once an hour and only if there is an active boss

- Every message or command interaction that is sent in a channel the bot has read access to has a low chance of spawning a world boss
- Only one world boss can be active at a time but it is available to all users across all servers
- Higher ranking bosses have a lower chance of spawning and have more HP
- Every player who dealt damage to a boss will receive one Unstable Vortex once it is defeated
- The three players who dealt the highest sums of damage will receive corresponding trophies
- The quality of the Vortex received from the boss is determined by the rank of either the player or the boss (the lower of the two)
- Fighting the world boss will reduce your current buff by one turn
- The spawning and defeat of a boss will be announced in all channels that have been submitted using set

3.34 Trophies

Usage and Functions:
trophies (Displays a list of your trophies)
trophies top (Displays a list of all users ranked by their otherwise hidden trophy scores)
trophies user [User ID / username / "random"] (Displays another user's trophies)

A user needs at least one trophy for their list to be viewable

- Trophies do not serve a purpose for now
- They are displayed in descending order based on their internal weight (rarer trophies are usually at the top)
- Boss trophies are usually placed at the bottom of the list

3.35 Transform

Usage and Functions:
transform (Shows you a list of Scrap prices for different kinds of item rerolls)
transform [Item name / "weapon" / "defense" / "tool"] (Attempts to reroll your selected equipment item or Vortex into a different item of the same type and quality)

The corresponding amount of Scrap is necessary to transform an item. Starting equipment cannot be transformed

- Scrap can be obtained by converting materials or by winning a round of guess
- Rerolling an equipment item will show you your stat changes in the same way that compare does

3.36 Help

Usage and Functions:
help (Displays a list of all commands)
help [Command name] (Displays a short summary of information about a command)

The given command needs to exist

- Command descriptions are kept very short and simple
- Includes usage, functions and command aliases

3.37 Guess

Usage and Functions:
guess (Starts a guessing game about Enter the Gungeon)
guess list (Shows a list of prompt topics)
guess [topic] (Switches to the given topic)
guess [Text] (Submits a reply for the current round)

You can only guess if there is an active round, you can only submit one guess per round and there can only be one active round at a time

- Each round will have a theme, for example "Guns from A-tier"
- Players may submit a guess within 13 seconds
- After 13 seconds have passed the result will be revealed and all players who guessed correctly receive 15 Scrap

3.38 Errorlog

Usage and Functions:
errorlog (Generates a viewable copy of the bot server's error log)
errorlog clear (Clears the main error log. The most recently generated copy is left untouched)

Can only be used by Index154. Can only generate a copy of the error log if it isn't empty

- Developer command for debugging

3.39 Reload

Usage and Functions:
reload [Command name] (Reloads a command)

Can only reload commands that already existed when the bot was started

- Changes made to bot commands are not recognized automatically and instead need to be registered with this command
- Developer command for testing and updating commands

3.40 Set

Usage and Functions:
set channel (Sets the current channel as the server's bot announcement channel)
set prefix [text] (Sets a new server-side prefix for the bot)

Can only be used by users with the permission "Manage Server"

- Announcements posted to the selected channel include worldboss notifications and patch notes for the bot
- Be careful what you set as the prefix!

3.41 Submit

Usage and Functions:
submit [text] (Sends your feedback or bug report to the main server for the developer to see)

Special one-minute cooldown!

- The submitted message is sent in a special channel on the main server as an embed
- It also includes your user tag and ID as well as the ID of the server you sent it from
- Please do report bugs and send a lot of feedback!

3.42 Night

Usage and Functions:
todo (Shows you your daily tasks, commands with long cooldowns as well as your current main quest)


- This command gives you a centralized way to check all of your cooldowns. It also provides buttons to click for all of the commands that you might want to use right away
- The following cooldown commands are included: monster, worldboss, treasure and research
- The daily tasks are daily and radar

3.43 Todo

Usage and Functions:
todo ()
This command has many functions but none of them are related to the rest of the game. If you are interested in it then you can find out more by using it!

4. Stats

Every player has an assortment of stats that affect many different things in the game. Here is how your stats can be changed:
- Manually assigning Stat Points with stats
- Through temporary buffs from use and release
- Using equip to change your equipment. Equipment items basically provide permanent buffs
- By gaining class benefits through leveling up
- The Type Bonus stat itself is like a conditional buff to your your Attack and Speed stats
- Quests (deliver) can also reward you with direct stat upgrades

Below is a list of the various stats and their effects.

4.1 Attack & Defense

Attack and Defense are one and the same - For the sake of simplicity let's refer to them as just "Attack". In every fight your Attack and Speed values are compared to those of the opponent and the result determines your chance of success. But that's not all: If one of your battle stats is more than 50% higher than the other and your opponent shares a similar distribution then you get a small bonus to your winning chance - If the opponent has the opposite stat balance instead then you get a small penalty.
Having higher Attack than Speed will also make you start with more HP in realms but will slightly lower the amount of Gold you obtain from fights

4.2 Speed & Weight

Speed is the second battle stat besides Attack. Weight is essentially just negative Speed. To put it in simple terms: Remove the minus from a weight value and you get the amount of Speed it grants you. In every fight your Attack and Speed values are compared to those of the opponent and the result determines your chance of success. Additionally, if one of your battle stats is more than 50% higher than the other and your opponent shares a similar distribution then you get a small bonus to your winning chance - If the opponent has the opposite stat balance instead then you get a small penalty.
Having higher Speed than Attack will slightly increase the amount of Gold you obtain from fights but will also make you start with less HP in realms

4.3 Capture Efficiency

Capture Efficiency determines your chance to capture a monster. The initial capturing chance is determined based on the monster's Attack and Speed. This chance is then combined with your efficiency to get the actual chance for you to succeed.

4.4 Monster Luck

Higher Monster Luck makes you slightly more likely to find shiny monsters and also increases your chance to encounter rarer monsters in general. Every monster rarity has a base chance of being chosen when you start an encounter - Every point of Monster Luck increases the chance for all rarities besides D-Rank by different amounts.

4.5 Item Luck

Item Luck increases your chance of getting item drops from fights. It has no effect if a monster already has a 100% chance of dropping something. Item Luck ONLY affects the most common item drop of a monster. Greater Item Luck is needed in order to affect all other drops!

4.6 Greater Item Luck

Greater Item Luck increases the chance of getting rarer item drops from fights. To be precise, the rarer half of a monster's drops is made more common while the common half is made rarer by the same amount to make up for it. If the number of possible drops is odd it simply doesn't affect the "middle" drop. This stat does NOT change the overall likelihood of getting a drop! That is the job of Item Luck.

4.7 Rank

Rank is an arbitrary stat that affects your starting HP inside of Realms and also alters the base chances for each monster rank to appear in an encounter. It can only be increased by progressing through the quest system so to some extent it also serves as an indicator of a player's average stats and playtime. These are all the existing ranks from worst to best: D, C, B, A, S and SS.

4.8 Type Bonus

The Type Bonus is a buff which only activates when using fight or capture on specific monsters. If a monster has a type which matches your Type Bonus then you receive the bonus value as a buff to your battle stats or Capture Efficiency. In a fight, the Type Bonus is divided evenly between Attack and Speed.
You can only have one Type Bonus at a time. Equipping an item that has a Type Bonus will replace your current one. Getting rid of the item that your current Type Bonus is from will make the stat choose a bonus from your other equipment if possible or revert to zero.

5. Monsters

The centerpiece of the game - Everything is based around the idea of encountering random monsters. Monsters are required in order to complete many of the game's quests, including every daily. There are hundreds of different monster species with different attributes that can be viewed with captures and check. Here is a list of the various features a monster species has:
- Description: A basic description of the monster
- Rank: Monsters are divided into ranks from D to SS. Higher-ranking monsters are rarer and have higher stats. Higher Monster Luck makes higher-ranking monsters more likely to appear
- Type: Each monster species belongs to one or more types (with some exceptions). If a monster has a type that matches a user's Type Bonus then the bonus will activate for that encounter
- Stats: A monster's Attack and Speed determine how difficult they are to capture or defeat in a fight
- Release Blessing: The type of buff the user will receive upon using the release command to release the monster
- Drops: Items that the monster can drop if defeated in a fight (Shown in order of most to least likely with default luck stats)

5.1 Shinies

Shinies are alternate variants of regular monster species. They are very rare, give better release buffs and will always drop a Shiny Crystal when defeated. The chance to encounter shiny monsters can be increased with radar and fullradar as well as a higher Monster Luck stat to a small degree.
Keep in mind that shinies are counted as separate species from their regular counterpart but do not affect the same statistics for the purpose of completion!

6. Items

Items are an important source of stat increases and other useful effects. They are needed in order to complete many of the game's quests and can be collected in the inventory as well as the materials inventory. Items can be obtained in several different ways:
- As rewards from fight (see Item Luck and Greater Item Luck)
- As rewards for completing quests
- From the treasure command
- You can buy them from the shop
- They can be created or upgraded with craft

Furthermore, there are different categories of items as well
- Equipment: You have three equip slots (weapon, defense and tool). These items permanently apply their buffs to you but you can only have one of each type. Your equipment can be rerolled with transform and useless equipment drops can also be converted into Scrap with a sub-function of equip. Your equipment may also grant you a special ability (see further below)
- Consumables: These items can be used for temporary benefits (this includes stat buffs, radar charges and also some special items' effects). You can also sell them
- Materials: Can be turned into Scrap with a sub-function of materials or used to craft other items
- Treasure: treasure items are regular consumables. However, you can only carry one treasure item at a time and they sell for substantially less Gold
- Special Items: While these are also consumables, they have very unique effects. Read more about them below

6.1 Special Items

Special items are those that do not grant a regular buff or radar charges upon use and instead have more unique effects. In list views, special items either have a sparkles or a cyclone icon in front of their names. Below is a list of all special items:
- Vortexes: Give the user several randomly chosen regular items upon use. Can be obtained from regular realms
- Unstable Vortexes: Turns into a random Vortex upon use. Can be obtained from worldboss, event realms, daily and research
The following items are always sold in the shop:
- Stasis Cube: Can be used to store an encounter for later or resume it again. Only one encounter can be stored at a time. Storing an encounter does not consume the item
- Dimensional Fragments: The regular variant of this item takes the user to a random realm. Fragments for specific realms can be made with craft
- Unique Fragment: This is a special variant of the above item which will always take the user to the current week's event realm
- Reality Shifter: Rerolls the current encounter while keeping the rank and shininess the same
- Mindwipe Tonic: Resets all of a user's stat points, allowing them to be reassigned

7. Currencies

- Sources: fight, sell, research, worldboss and dodaily
- Uses: buy, fullradar
- Sources: Converting with materials and equip, also guess
- Uses: transform, research
- Sources: fight, research, deliver and dodaily
- Uses: Leveling up => Unlocking radar, class, fullradar, research and further class perks, also increasing HP in Realms
Radar charges
- Sources: Consumable items, free daily charges, research
- Uses: radar and fullradar
Stat Points
- Sources: deliver
- Uses: Permanently increasing stats

8. Realms

Realms are hidden areas with special rules and monster pools. In order to reach a realm, a Dimensional Fragment needs to be used. Below is a list of rules that apply within realms:
- You start with a limited amount of HP based on your level and rank
- Having more Attack than Speed will also increase your starting HP
- Losing a fight does not end the encounter but instead reduces your HP
- You always lose 5 HP in every fight, regardless of whether you win or not
- You lose 2 HP on every successful capture attempt and 4 if it fails
- If your HP is reduced to 0, you are ejected from the realm
- You can leave a realm at any time with move
- Every monster inside a realm has a chance to drop a Vortex. Every regular realm has its own types of Vortex

There are also special event realms which can only be accessed with Unique Fragments. Only one event realm is active at a time and it will switch at the start of every week. The current event realm is displayed in the shop. Monsters that appear in an event realm can not appear anywhere else in the game, making them exclusive. These monsters can drop Unstable Vortexes and Shapeless Shards.

9. Equipment Abilities

Your equipment items may grant you a single combined ability which is affected differently by each type of equipment:
- Your weapon may grant you the main effect of your ability. However, not all weapons have one
- Defensive equipment may boost or reduce the effectiveness or the frequency of your weapon ability. In other words, it is a modifier. Not all defensive items have a modifier
- Tools determine when/how your ability activates. Every tool has a way of activating your ability. It may be one of these three: After a real time cooldown, after a set amount of encounters or based on chance
It's worth noting that the command during which an ability activates varies based on the ability effect. But for most of them it is fight and/or capture

10. Buttons etc.

Some messages sent by the bot will feature buttons or other interactive elements. In almost all cases these elements allow you to trigger the same actions that can also be caused by using regular commands. For example, the fight button which appears on encounters simply triggers the fight command when clicked.
Perhaps the only notable exception to this is the check button which also appears on encounters. Unlike the regular check command it will always display the details of the encounter it is attached to.

To make things easier most buttons can be pressed by anyone. The resulting command will be executed in the name of the user who clicked the button so you cannot make choices for others against their will.
Some elements will only allow the user who is responsible for creating the message they are attached to to interact with them. This usually applies to decisions that require further user-specific context or confirmation. If someone clicks a button that is restricted to another user then they will simply get a small notification saying that the interaction has failed